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Jim Carrey Reveals Fears Over Gay Kiss In Film

The film stars stars as Carrey jailed with Steven Jay Russell artist falls in love with his cellmate Phillip Morri, played by Ewan McGregor. Canadian-American film actor Jim Carrey revealed that while deciding whether to take the role of a homosexual man convicted in I Love You Phillip Morris, has fought the fear that he might discover that he enjoyed kissing men, which could affect him in real life. The two players locked lips for the comedy theater, prompting the actor to wonder what effect would have on him and his relationship with Jenny McCarthy if he found himself enjoying it.
22.1.09 11:56

Jennifer Lopez George Clooney And Lindsay Lohan Gather In Washington Dc For Inauguration Day

George Clooney, Jennifer Lopez And Lindsay Lohan will join a host of other celebrities in Washington to celebrate Barack Obama inauguration today. L Ocean Eleven star was the first star to tap the capital L Mean Girls actress Jessica Alba has joined, Hayden Panettiere, Jamie Foxx and kick-off celebrations for the inauguration of you declare the event on Sunday, which saw performances from John Legend and Maroon 5..
22.1.09 11:56

X Factor

JLS, whose name stands for the lad Jack Swing, singers Marvin Hume characteristics, 23, Jonathan JB Gill 21 Ortise William, 21 and Aston Merrygold, 20th. The foursome came to be the first team to win the show, but were beaten by Alexandra Burke. Justice, freedom and security are the best boy band to emerge from a TV show, Nick Raphael of Epic Records said. X Factor Runners-Up JLS signed a recording contract with Epic, it was announced.
22.1.09 11:56

Dvd Quot Max Payne Quot

The film is available in both its theatrical cut and an unrated version, accompanied by a commentary with director John Moore. This adaptation of the videogame Mark Wahlberg stars as a narcotics agent whose thirst for revenge over the death of his family and partner throws in a seedy underworld of conspiracy and supernatural hallucinations. A Special Edition DVD also has a digital copy, plus a segment to do and an animated graphic novel..
22.1.09 11:56

Gossip Girl Baby It Quot Cold Outside

Gossip Girl may be one of the hottest shows on the air right now, but the cast of young dirt-driven drama CW probably had a difficult time to remember that, as they filmed on Monday. Temperatures have risen by a mere 31 degrees and bitter snow fell from the sky. Leighton Meester, 22, Jessica Szohr, 23, Penn Badgley, 22, and Blake Lively, 21, were grouped against the lens in Manhattan the last episode of their series trash-tastic. Szohr was forced to cling to his pet Shih-Tzu valuable heat.
22.1.09 11:56


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